Executive Overviews

This Executive Overview on Inventive Problem Solving explains that structured inventive problem solving methods can be taught and are not dependent on luck or divine talents.

Executive Overview on how to Facilitate Innovation Programs is a high level overview on the most prevalent methodologies and tools used globally to facilitate innovation workshops from the identification of opportunities, the developing of innovation ideas, selecting viable concepts, and identifying the right market opportunity.

This Executive Overview is a high level overview on the power of the TRIZ knowledge-base and tools and how these leading global tools can be used to find inventive solutions to complex technical and business problems.


An Executive overview of the Praesignis Innovation Training Program is a concise synopsis for decision takers on what innovation is about and why their company should develop skills in structured innovation methodologies.


The Executive Overview on the Praesignis Innovation Deployment Program is a concise presentation of two to three hours that enables business Executives and other decision takers to assess the value of this six month in-house deployment program.

This Executive Overview enables leaders and decision-takers to decide on the value of this skill for him/herself and anyone else who should be skilled in their business.

Root Cause & Failure Mode and Effects Analyses are about identifying the root cause of problems and how to prevent/mitigate re-occurrences. Root Cause Analysis identifies the origin of a problem so that we don’t merely treat the symptom, and enables us to rectify the cause to avoid re-occurrence.

The Hoshin Kanri Strategy Development methodology is a revolutionary Japanese strategy development methodology that outperforms the western world’s traditional strategy planning methods.

The discovery that evolution is not random, and highly predictive, has emerged as one of the most powerful breakthroughs for resuscitating ageing companies and systems.

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