Support the PinkDrive PinkTober Selfie Campaign this October

The PinkDrive PinkTober Selfie CampaignOften we tear ourselves down, forget our value and lose our confidence. This October, PinkDrive would like to remind you that you are beautiful, unique and special. YOU  are invited  to help PinkDrive build confidence AND raise Breast Cancer awareness by participating in the PinkDrive PinkTober Selfie Campaign. The target is to raise R1 Million for PinkDrive during the month of October.

PinkDrive, South Africa’s best-loved Breast Cancer Community Carer, is the indispensable, tangible breast cancer Non-Profit Company (NPC), powering South Africa’s mobile Women’s Health Mammography and Gynaecology Units. PinkDrive’s underlying message is ‘Early Detection Saves Lives’.

All PinkDrive units travel to semi-urban and urban areas around South Africa, with the aim of enabling all medically uninsured access to women’s health services. These services include free education on women’s health, free mammograms, free pap smears, free clinical examinations and how to do breast self-examinations.

The PinkDrive PinkTober Selfie Campaign, proudly brought to you by Praesignis, launches on 6 October 2016, and will run for the month of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  As the official Data and Bi Partner for PinkDrive, Praesignis provides a range of innovative data, BI and Analytics Services to PinkDrive, supporting them in their mission to provide a free women’s health service to the medically uninsured in South Africa and to advocate for change in the cancer space.

Noelene KotschanPinkDrive Founder & CEO Noelene Kotschan says she is excited to launch the PinkTober Selfie Campaign. “This campaign is an easy way of supporting breast cancer awareness and help raise funds. Through this campaign, we would like to encourage everyone that they are beautiful, unique and special.” Noelene continues: “I would like to urge individuals and corporates to support this simple and fun initiative. Every R20 donation will assist PinkDrive to keep our current fleet on the road”. Noelene expressed her gratitude towards the following organisations, Praesignis for taking the lead with this initiative and assisting PinkDrive with the technological aspects of this campaign, as well as #Breastwithoutspot in Nigeria for affording PinkDrive a platform to partner with them!

Praesignis has developed the web interface and “payment to selfie integration”, enabling PinkDrive to channel the Selfie and Groupie photo uploads to their website, and then to go viral via Social Media, and accurately tally Selfies and Groupies uploaded, ensuring that donations correlate to selfies and groupies uploaded.  The live donation barometer will automatically calculate donations received, and display a total of donated amounts received in relation to the target of R1 Million and will adjust subsequently for each million raised.

So! Get your PINK on and support the PinkDrive PinkTober Selfie campaign.

You can participate as an individual, or as a corporate, or both.

This is how you do it…..

As an individual

Wear something PINK, take a selfie, SMS the word “SELFIE” to 40158, and follow the link on the reply SMS, to upload your photo to PinkDrive’s website.  Then, share your photo on any Social Media platform of your choice, using the hashtag #IAmBeautifulInPink AND remember to tag and nominate 30 (if you can) women and men, to do the same.

For the Corporate Challenge….

Wear something PINK, take a groupie and make your donation on the PinkDrive website, via PayPal or PayFast, upload your Groupie with using your PayPal/PayFast reference number, then share your groupie photo on any Social Media platform of your choice, using the hashtag #WeAreBeautifulInPink AND remember to tag and nominate 30 (if you can) corporates, to do the same.

So Get your PINK on!! And help raise +R1 Million Rand for PinkDrive and Breast Cancer Awareness.