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Praesignis Consulting

Through our Professional Resourcing and Talentsignis Division, we have serviced large organisations throughout South Africa over the past 14 years. 


Our main aim is to ensure our clients receive top-quality IT consultants that are industry experts to fit whatever project needs they have. This is because our Talentsignis Division is recruitment experts that are able to find any candidate to fit the job your company needs.


Solutions are specially designed using leading tools and methodologies. And they are based on data-driven insights that assist in strategy development, improving confidence in conducting business and ensuring sustainable growth.

Benefits of using Professional Resourcing​

Access to best Candidates

Praesignis has access to a range of talented jobseekers, we have a growing database of over one thousand CVs.

Save time and money

Using Praesignis is quicker than hiring internally and will save your business time and money. Recruiters collect and assess CVs, check references, and filter talented job seekers using the best interview techniques, so businesses don't have to.

Industry Expertise

Praesignis will offer specialist recruiters for specific industries. We make sure we understand your industry and will then offer industry-specific knowledge of market trends, salary levels, and the skills required to be successful in your industry. Praesignis also have access to skill-specific candidates.

Enable Business growth and innovation

Using a recruitment agency means you find the best talent, and you receive support to maximize your business's potential. Recruitment agencies don't just provide people, they provide talent and support to help businesses grow.

Dedicated Account Manager's

The purpose of account management is to define a full relationship between your business and Praesignis, nurturing that relationship and providing value to your organization.

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