Managed Service Provider

Why Outsource?

Human resources management is an important, but complex, function for any company, and one that many opt to outsource. CREWSIGNIS handles everything from hiring and on-boarding employees to managing benefits, developing training programs and overseeing compliance with employment laws and regulations. Although outsourcing HR might not be right for all businesses, there are some significant advantages to doing so, especially when it comes to saving time and money.


Spend Less on Salaries

The average human resources manager earns more than R520,604 per year, plus benefits. Depending on the size of the HR department, a small to medium-size business can easily spend hundreds of thousands of rands on HR staff.

Save on Hiring/Training

Recruiting new employees can become tedious and costly. CREWSIGNIS not only helps ensure that businesses hire the right talent to reduce cost and associated expenses, but also has the expertise and resources in place to cut the costs of hiring and time spent.

Save Time on HR Activities

Free up time to spend on strategic sales and growth goals, increasing revenues. Research shows that despite working an average of 50 hours or more per week, business owners only spend about 30 percent of that time on actual business functions.

Invest in Your Business, Spend Less And Free Up Time With Crewsignis.