Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Today, the recruiting environment is rather complex. In order to effectively recruit top talent, you need to navigate a tight labor market; become proficient in a set of relevant technologies; and manage and nurture candidates and hiring managers.

Smaller organizations have the additional challenge of managing hiring capacity and fluctuating needs. It is typical for human resources personnel in smaller organizations to wear multiple hats: managing employee relations, training, payroll, compensation and benefits, in addition to hiring and recruiting. Smaller firms also have a fluctuating number of hires throughout the year, making it challenging to staff an internal recruiting team based on demand.

Summary of RPO Benefits

Manage the hiring fluctuations throughout the year.

Reduce total recruiting cost and dependency on staffing agencies.

Improve hiring manager satisfaction.

Reduce time-to-fill.

Elevate employment brand.

Improve candidate experience.

Simplify hiring process.

Save time for other duties.

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