Data Analysis for Business

Get instant answers across the organisation.

OQLIS said (oc·u·lis) is a unique spelling of the word Oculus, which means eyes in latin. OQLIS is a platform for Data Analytics that is fast to deploy, intuitive to use and Flexible to change to Business needs. We have created a new kind of Business intelligence platform that gives everybody the ability to explore and interact with their Data and discover insights.

Precise Answers

Designed to work in the
database, your result will always
be accurate and the single
source of truth.

Flexible Modeling

No need to learn another
modelling language, leverage
existing database skills to build
fast and reusable data models.


Drag & Drop Explore

Scale out to your organisation
without worrying about training
overhead, with simple and
intuitive data exploration.

A New Breed of Data Analytics Platform





Connect to your Database
whether its in the Cloud or
on Premise.

Leverage existing database
knowledge and build
reusable data models.

Drag and drop fields and
build reports to support your

Add charts to dashboards and
share through controlled
access folders.

“Decisions have
to be made faster
and more
accurately than
the competition”

Scale Enterprise wide to everyone

Easy to Manage


Secure Logon & Authorisation

Data Security

High Availability

Unlimited Scale

Unlimited Users

What’s under the Hood

OQLIS is a platform for Data Analytics that connects live to your database, giving you realtime access in its entirety, whether it resides on premise or in the cloud. Users with basic database knowledge can setup data views to build a self service data application that allows business users to quickly and easily generate  reports and share them across the organisation.

Browser Based UI

Simple, elegant, HTML5-based search interface that offers search suggestions as you type and creates results, visualisations and summaries instantly.

Speak Database Language  

Building data models from SQL allows technical users to leverage existing queries and knowledge to build reusable views for other users to explore

Smart Query Cache

With a smart query cache built in, it reduces the workload on your database server allowing multiple users to access the same data instantaneously

Direct Data Connections 

With direct access to the database there is no need to move or migrate data.  All connections can revalidated  and audited from inside the system.

Innovative Companies use OQLIS

Food Service Network provide an online procurement application to the hospitality sector and use OQLIS to enable reporting for their customers.

TAL Adhesives user OQLIS to gain a better understanding into their Quality assurance information in order to achieve better ISO compliance.

Johnson Tiles leverage OQLIS to monitor manufacturing and machine data in real time and also improve their quality compliance through better data visibility

Evergreens – the fresh market use OQLIS to analyse millions of rows of point of sales transactions in order to understand their customers buying patterns better as well as tracking E-Commerce sales and performance.