Specialized Skills Development Interventions

Helping Acquire, Maintain and Optimize Skills 

Edusignis specializes in strategic skills development interventions to help our clients optimize their ROI on tax concessions, and maximize their B-BBEE points. Our training ranges from administration to tech support and end-user skills. Training is delivered by experienced facilitators who have a solid foundation of theory and hands-on experience in the IT/Cloud industry. 

Edusignis is a proud AWS collaborating partner and is the operating division for the AWS re/Start Program – which prepares unemployed and under-employed individuals with the skills necessary for an evolving market in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Value Add

Edusignis provides training on topics in our very niche environment.

What Sets us Apart

We provide specialized technical and management training to help clients acquire, maintain and optimize their skills.

Dynamic Training Solutions

Our training portfolio includes the following topics.

  • AWS re/Start Collaboration (12-week Program).
  • IT Tech Support NQF Level 4 Full Qualification.
  • Work Readiness Program.
  • IT Soft Skills.
  • Business Soft Skills.
  • Management Training.
  • Processing and Logic Concepts.
  • Database Management systems.
  • Database Design and Modelling.
  • Structured Query Language – MS-SQL, DB2, Oracle.
  • ETL tools – Datastage in-house training.
  • Tableau in-house training.
  • Various NQF Learnership Qualifications.

Maximize B-BBEE Initiatives

Implement strategic skills development interventions and score up to 47 points on your B-BBEE scorecard. 


Skills Development Calculator

At a glance, calculate your skills development budgets based on B-BBEE targets. 

Optimize ROI on Skills Development

Get more out of your training initiatives through tax incentives by subsidizing your training costs and claiming back a minimum of 30 cents for every R1,00 spent.