Implementing Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions.

Implementing Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions

At Intellisignis, we believe in answering real business questions with our extensive experience in developing and implementing Business Analytics Solutions.  We apply and develop methodologies and standards focused on our individual customers.

By transforming structured and unstructured data into information and insight, we enable our customers to grow their businesses. We apply various Analytic and Reporting techniques and Software to find the golden nuggets of information that allow the whole business to make better decisions and find important insights that they might never have known.


We assist our customers in reducing Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud, Risk and Compliance through cutting edge technology and very experienced consulting services. Reducing or even eliminating costs associated with Fraud and Regulatory Penalties ensures that organisational costs are focused on growing the business.

Value Add

Intellisignis is all about extracting real value from data using innovative techniques.  Data today is classified as an asset for companies.  It is our aim to show companies how valuable that asset is and to extract true value from that asset, to assist companies to differentiate themselves in the market, and to make insightful decisions based on valuable analysis from data.

What Sets us Apart

Our unique skills to combine leading technologies with exceptional consulting with a focus on customer requirements and ROI.

Our Offering

Anti-Money Laundering & Fraud Management

Enterprise Architecture

Wisdom - eDiscovery

Predictive Risk Monitor and Social Media Analytics