Kgalelopele Primary School

In 2020 Praesignis identified Kgalelopele Primary School, located in Naledi (Soweto), as an underprivileged school, we were tasked with repairing and improving the current computer facilities that were utilized by students for school tuition and completion of projects.

Praesignis decided on purchasing new IT infrastructure and included full installation, which goes beyond the philanthropic use of just a monetary donation. This corporate social responsibility project was to further enhance and improve the Kgalelopele Primary School’s overall access to knowledge and resources that will improve the lives of those who are disadvantaged in their local community.

Praesignis installed state-of-the-art computers, screens, keyboards, and mouses as well as an overhead projector and projector screen. Above and beyond the hardware, Praesignis also loaded all the machines with Windows 10 Professional and Office, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and all the other Office 365 software tools.

Praesignis is, additionally, planning on repairing the old machines and creating a second computer room for the school. By doing so it is a perfect opportunity to teach a few members of the school on general IT support i.e., hardware configuration, software, and network configuration which will further expand their practical skills and experience as they will be assisting the Praesignis internal IT team with the installation of the second lab.

Praesignis is doing regular visits and maintenance to the IT infrastructure. This state-of-the-art computer lab has proven very successful in giving the community of Naledi and the Kgalelopele Primary school reliable computer resources to help empower and upskill themselves.