Talentsignis Division


This is a Recruitment Division of Praesignis that assists in placing permanent, contract and consultants for our clients. We also assist Praesignis internally to place permanent and contract employees.

We assist Edusignis in recruiting AWS re/Start learners together with their facilitators.

Talentsignis is responsible for assessing all the learners that go through the programme as well as assessing consultants for Praesignis clients.

What Talentsignis Does?

Our Recruitment and Sourcing services work with a large number of large clients within South Africa as well as assisting of Specialized training division in acquiring learners for the AWS re/Start program for International clients.

Our Recruitment team are IT recruitment and sourcing specialists that can find any candidate your organization needs.

We focus on:

- Candidate Recruitment and Sourcing

- Learnership assistance

- Candidate skills testing

- Candidate vetting

What we do differently

Recruitment and Sourcing

We find the best talent to fit any role you need.

Candidate Skills Testing

We have hundreds of skills assessments that candidates can take to help you choose the best candidate.

Credit and Fraud Checks

We ensure that you are protected from the risks and costs of dealing with individuals with poor credit histories and increase your ability to do business or employ reliable individuals.

Previous Qualification Verification

We verify the candidate’s qualifications and ensure that we have the correct qualifications required for the job applied for and that the best candidate with the required qualification is appointed.

Criminal Checks

Through our effective screening procedures when hiring, we determine the candidate's honesty and trustworthiness using key information gathered when conducting criminal checks.

Identity Verification

The identity verification process proves that the candidate is who they claim they are, and information is legit.

Learnership Assistance

We help our Edsusignis division recruit and source candidates to join our learnerships.

Previous Employment References

We complete the process and have a realistic assessment of the candidate’s previous employment history and verify the accuracy of the candidate’s history before hiring the candidate.

Drivers License and ownership Checks

If the candidate is needed to drive vehicles with certain licenses in order to complete the specified job then we can check and ensure their documentation is correct.

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