Systems Optimization

To ensure that the organisation’s systems perform well, we assess the key business applications’ technical condition and system quality. This is done as part of the application portfolio assessment and further enriched in consultation with system owners.


  • Accessibility: Is the application available where you require it?
  • Scalability: How will it respond if the number of users or business volume double?
  • Availability: Is it available when you require it?
  • Data Accuracy: Is data consistent and standard?
  • Performance: Does it respond in time? Does it complete processing in time?
  • Recoverability: After an unplanned outage, is it up and functioning in time?
  • Usability: Relative to the complexity of the task, is it intuitive to use without extensive training?
  • Extendibility: Can it easily provide new or extended functionality without changes to the application’s many (unrelated) parts?
  • System Isolation: How much are other systems isolated from changes in this application?
  • Reusability: How easy is it to reuse existing functions or components to support new requirements, and to expose services or components to be reused by other applications?