Specialist permanent and contract placement consultancy.


Talentsignis is a specialist permanent and contract placement consultancy providing some of the top IT jobs in the country.

Our promise to you: we provide you with a full-service recruitment experience delivering you options to fulfil your requirements with integrity and professionalism. With a focus on being a service agency in addition to a recruiting solution, Praesignis offers strategic and targeted placements.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, service orientation and knowledge application to build the best options for clients and candidates alike.
Everything we do is measured, focused with constant prioritising for the best candidate and client experience and placement.

A core belief for the team is that our role is to give people options – whether Client or Candidate, we facilitate informed choice. We are not trying to fit square pegs in round holes but rather providing a holistic service, matching people, personalities and technical skills for a win-win situation for all parties.


Value Add

We accelerate your hiring efforts, with customized candidate sourcing and targeted outreach by providing initial market research, candidate sourcing and outreach freeing you to have conversations with SA’s topmost skills.

Our Offering

  • Outsourced Professionals.
  • Permanent Staffing.
  • Systems Development Life Cycle.
  • Executive Search.

What Sets us Apart

  • Our customized approach allows us the flexibility to align our outputs with your strategic imperatives ensuring on-time delivery, always!
  • With the support of an entrenched data services team, everything we do is measured, focused with constant prioritizing for the best candidate and client experience.
  • We always have an up-to-date knowledge of our niche sectors, enabling us to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and opportunities.
  • We only recruit within our specialized fields, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technical and industry development.

For Clients

We believe that only once your focus shifts from the numbers to the people, from what everyone else is doing to what will work for you, will you truly be able to attract the best people. Because what we do is built around people and what they do. Their talents and skills. Their desires and motivations. Their behaviours and likes. And ultimately finding them through inventive recruitment marketing campaigns, talent sourcing and mapping techniques and creative attraction strategies.
Our methods are made by what’s happening right now, and believed in by companies who want to attract and employ the originals, the bona fides, and the one-in-a-millions.


Talent sourcing is the finding bit. It’s using tailored search language to identify prospective talent to fit with your company culture. We look at active and non-active job seekers, profile their online personality, and give you unique intelligence on the how, the-what and the-when to approach them. Sourcing is a successful service to use if you’re looking for a new way to find talent. It’s more about the person’s story than their CV, what they like than what skills they possess.

The mapping comes after the sourcing. It’s a niche way to find out what people are saying about your company, their behaviours at work, who do they connect with and where are they going. Mapping your industry into segments to better understand your talent pool. And ultimately what you can do to attract these people with or without a suitable vacancy. Their behaviours and likes. And ultimately finding them through inventive recruitment marketing campaigns, talent sourcing and mapping techniques and creative attraction strategies.

For Candidates

We are not trying to force square pegs into round holes. We are not trying to make a quick buck off an unsuitable placement.  Our ethos is that we believe strongly in the right job for the right person with no compromises on making the right fit.

Our strength lies in relationship building with candidates through personal service and professional advice around developing career paths. We provide professional career guidance, salary advice and industry knowledge to assist you in making your career choice. Our candidates come back to us throughout their career trajectory, meaning that we have represented our candidates as a junior all the way through to their appointment as CTO of a major company!

We understand the latest trends, technologies and opportunities available and can provide you with a selection of well researched and appropriate career opportunities understanding YOUR needs, career aspirations and skill levels.