Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Management

The Fraud Challenge.

Banking, Insurance and Medical Fraud have reached epic proportions throughout the world.  Fraud, waste and abuse are some of the biggest contributors to escalating healthcare costs in South Africa .  Without the appropriate systems and mechanisms in place, identifying and managing fraud in an environment as this, becomes a near impossibility. According to a recent article on News24, Insurance fraud amounted to over 1 Billion rand in SA in 2017. This is a recovered amount; the amount undetected is almost certainly higher. At the end of December 2016, Bonitas had dentified R79m, in Fraud. On 19 January 2018, Times Live published that “ Discovery uncovers more than R500m in fraud but worries that so much more goes undiscovered.” “Approximately 3 4% of the R160 billion medical industry is pure fraud”, Sanlam. It is estimated that as much at 32% of all claims submitted in any year are fraudulent.

” It is reported that fraudulent insurance claims, estimated to cost the industry billions of Rands”. Fraud is a real problem.

We offer a real solution.

How can we help?

Themis offers an AI data driven approach to detecting and managing fraud across your entire value chain. It is the only solution today, that incorporates more than 300 typologies out of the box being the packaged Intellectual Property of two decades of Fraud Management experience.
Our partnership with The Good People Data Company complements your internal dataset, offering unparalleled capability to our clients.

Our solutions offer clients:


Fraud Management

Quality Assurance


Full Management Dashboards & Reporting

Customer Due Diligence

Enhanced Due Diligence

Themis is compliant with:





Themis represents an agnostic solution, with a high level of industry standard interoperability to the majority of enterprise service bus technologies. Themis is delivered with pre loaded typologies, delivering results with a rapid time to value and lower dependency on highly skilled and scarce resources.

We deliver both fraud detection as well as case management via a server friendly, highly analytical front end.