Wisdom eDiscovery

Wisdom Discovery:  What is Discovery?

The client’s needs:

Our value offering:

  • Faster rate of change globally
  • Exponential growth of data types, volumes, variability, complexity, locations, content
  • Data alone is not nearly as valuable as data employed to solve a problem or products powered by data e.g. Netflix, Facebook
  • New, disruptive digital business models & competition
  • Increased Regulations that struggle to keep up with the rate of change
  • Security, privacy
  • Borderless global marketplace.
  • Rapid ingestion of any type of unstructured or structured data of any format into a data agnostic platform
  • Automatic indexing
  • Data available instantly in real time, on demand
  • Data is collated across numerous sources
  • Integrate with multiple disparate systems
  • Relationships between data sources created
  • Findings visualized in real time link analysis
  • Search using fuzzy, synonym, natural language capabilities, multiple languages supported
  • Supplement and enrich data from any other data sources, systems, forensic data acquisition, internal or external
  • Data source and information due diligence and grading
  • Overlay data with historic data to contribute to a basis for predictive analysis
  • Instantly highlight relationships, patterns, trends, exceptions and abnormalities using various rule engines and machine learning capabilities
  • Predictive analytical capabilities using machine based learning
  • Maintain sequence and continuity of all data
  • Easy, Intuitive end user self service
  • Run securely on Dedicated server, private cloud or other on premises architecture
  • 24/7 Available