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Praesignis is a proudly South African and a Nationally based organization that provides our customers with sustainable and flexible end-to-end performance management solutions, which enables our customers to increase their performance and profitability throughout their organization which adds real value from data, using innovative techniques and solutions to ensure company growth.

Praesignis embraces transformation with our key focus on broad based black economic empowerment through skills development, with initiatives that encompasses diversity and inclusion of our employees, clients, and the community.

Praesignis has five main divisions focusing on various aspects of the IT industry. Namely; Talentsignis, Edusignis, Datasignis, Intellisignis and Advisory Services. Our main product offering is IT Consulting which falls under the Praesignis brand, our two main divisions are Talentsignis and Edusignis. Talentsignis is our Professional recruiting and sourcing division and Edusignis is our Specialized Training division.

Our Services:

Praesignis Consulting

Through our Consulting and Talentsignis Division we have serviced large organisations throughout South Africa over the past 14 years.

Our main aim is to ensure our clients receive top quality IT consultants that are industry experts to fit whatever project needs they have. This is because our Talentsignis Division are recruitment experts that are able to find any candidate to fit the job your company needs.

Solutions are specially designed using leading tools and methodologies. And they are based on data-driven insights that assist in strategy development, improving confidence in conducting business, and ensuring sustainable growth.

Talentsignis Division


Through our Talentsignis division we provide enterprise organisations with the necessary skills they need to complete any project within a limited time frame, we also offer permanent placements and sourcing.


Talentsignis also recruits for our Specialized Training division, Edusignis, which runs the AWS re/Start program in collaboration with AWS. They help find the right learners locally and internationally by having potential learners write IT-specific assessments and conduct full vetting and screening of these learners.


Talentsignis is responsible for Criminal, Credit & Fraud checks, previous employment references, previous qualification verification, Identity Verification and Driver’s licenses and ownership checks.

Edusignis Division

Specialized Training

Our training division delivers services across South Africa and internationally both virtually and onsite. This developed from a need to maintain our consultant certifications and to upskill our employees as direct access to training is part of the Praesignis Culture. This division also provides technical and business skills training for entry to intermediate careers in the cloud and IT to underemployed/unemployed youth internationally

We provide specialized technical and management training to help clients acquire, maintain and optimize their skills.

Our team has multiple skills and years of experience in the IT world, enabling them to mentor and coach learners to enter the corporate world with confidence. 

Our range of high-demand courses includes the AWS re/Start program, with the internationally accredited Cloud Practitioner certification.

Our Divisions


Specialized Training Division


Recruitment Division

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